Reaction to : Banga! Banga! by Austin Mahone (Mahomies Alert)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

    Assalamualaikum or hello everyone and fellow Mahomies ! ❤︎

Just, today. I woke up on 9 am. (Well, I woke up at 5am then do my prayer and went back to sleep)
& the FIRST thing I do isssss! Preparing my cereal and then open my laptop and open the wifi.... THEN! Went to Austin twitter to search for the video! & then!! Watching the Banga Banga music video while eating cereal :) Well, having a fangirling moment right there .... After that, I just kept replaying so it will go on & on & on ....

WHAT? Haven't watch the video yet?

Click here !

Well, my reaction to this music video is ...

Get the picture?

And if you don't like Austin Mahone. Don't blame on me! I'm a normal girl. Tell me that you never been fangirling in your WHOLE life ;) But what I'm extremely jealous right now is ..

Who is she?????
But, it's okay. She's pretty... Maybe she's the type of girl that Austin likes. :) But I hope she didn't get chase by the fangirls. That's all.

About this video!
I love the theme that focused on the skate-theme, also loves the graffiti! It's a colourful theme also! Austin also said that this song is different from his previous songs. He wanted to be more 'mature' since he is going to turn 18 in a couple of months. Well, this video really shows the flirty side of him. But, it's easy for him if he want to pick up girls, just used his looks and BAM! He gets the girl! Easy right?

Well, that's all, I think? I'm speechless as a fangirl. Well, Mahomies right? Actually, love the fact that he come this far. Even if he don't recognise me or don't even know I'm exist. I always support him :)

& if you a hater!! Read this .

That's all! Goodbye! Thank you for reading this post ! :)

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